Lauren Waller is a Los Angeles based artist, singer, songwriter, performer, musician, producer, and stage manager. As a performer she has previously shared the stage with several world-renowned musicians. Her powerhouse voice has been featured in NME music news magazine, Alert the Globe, an international website for musicians and music lovers as well as Broadway World. She previously debuted her first single, “Never Were," on RTE, Ireland’s National Television, at the International Rose of Tralee Festival.

Lauren recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Theater Arts Production and Design, with an emphasis in stage management. She has worked in stage management for several years, at two, state-of–the art, theatres. Lauren has studied all aspects of technical theatre production including wig work, makeup, costuming, lighting, and production design. As a stage manager, she enjoys coordinating all aspects of a theatre company to ensure the successful delivery of the performance. Taking active responsibility for the form and discipline of rehearsal and performance while maintaining the artistic intentions of the director. She facilitates communication by liaising with the director, stage personnel and other technical departments. Lauren runs the backstage and onstage areas during performances, calling cues, maintaining the prompt book, and recording the logistic details.

Lauren is also an experienced public speaker and has used that ability to engage in community and philanthropic interests. Her combined experiences in theatre, music, and public speaking have given her a unique perspective and creative ability in the fields of both music and theatre. Her background has given her an understanding of both the technical and artistic elements of a performance.

Lauren has also appreciated the diverse lifestyle of growing up in the Los Angles, California area, and on a rural ranch in the foothills of California’s, Sequoia National Forest. Her life, varied interests, and extensive travel, have given her great sources of artistic inspiration. Her introspective, self-penned lyrics and music, portraying life’s journey, demonstrate a depth of explored, translated emotion set to original melodies that draw influence from various musical genres. Lauren seeks to apply her creative passion towards innovative artistic productions.